..." It's Gravy, Baby!"

  Haughty :  adjective (haw-tee),  disdainfully proud;  snobbish;  scornfully arrogant

: a homemade dry mixture foundation for
various chocolate pleasures.

Chocolate Gravy, Chocolate Pie, Chocolate Fondue or Milk and Dark Hot Chocolate...

   We know you will love everything you can make with this base.  It’s the BEST!  Here’s a little background on this fabulous concoction.   Enjoy!

    Haughty Mae Hatcher (a nickname given to our mother who was both haughty and tough) was born in 1923 in rural southeastern Oklahoma.  Her mother taught her to make CHOCOLATE gravy at a very early age.  It was Haughty Mae's job to make CHOCOLATE gravy, which was typically eaten for breakfast, served over hot buttered and sugared biscuits. This fed her and  six brothers and sisters who worked in the cotton fields.  This "depression" food fueled those long,hot, summer days of hard work picking cotton and became a staple needed to feed the large and hungry family.  Throughout her life, Haughty Mae continued to treat her own family and friends with this chocolate lovers delight!  Her chocolate pies were the hit of every family gathering. 

    Passed down another generation, it’s time for YOU to be treated with this timeless and scrumptious family recipe.  Enjoy over hot biscuits for breakfast or use her variations to dip or drizzle over fruit, ice cream, or a base for the best CHOCOLATE PIE


Haughty Mae's is available at Schnuck's in Cape Girardeau, MO

Also, in Jonesboro, AR
at Everyday Chef, Enhancements,  Bennett's Nursery

ALSO, get your Haughty Mae's Chocolate at

Proudly serves Haughty Mae's Chocolate gravy with biscuits!  It's totally awesome!!

New Locations in Broken Bow, OK. to purchase our retail package: Pizazz Salon, The Treasure Chest, and the Whipporwill! Thanks to sales rep, Stacy Bailey

Cathy and Pat are proud Choctaw Nation Indians.  Yes, that's right! 
The Choctaw Nation Welcome Center just south of Durant proudly carries Haughty Mae's Chocolate in the gift shop.  Thank you to the Choctaw Nation for naming HMC a certified supplier!

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